ChemoSpec2D Update

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Improvements to ChemoSpec2D

Bryan Hanson

I’m pleased to announce that ChemoSpec2D, a package for exploratory data analysis of 2D NMR spectra, has been updated on CRAN and is coming to a mirror near you. Barring user reports to the contrary, I feel like the package has pretty much stabilized and is pretty robust. The main area for future expansion is to add additional data import routines. Please feel free to ask about your specific use case!

The most noteworthy user-facing improvements are:

In addition, a number of small bugs and annoyances were taken care of, arguments tweaked and documentation improved and expanded. Several functions were rebuilt to make them more robust.

Please see the package website for the full changelog and all documentation.


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Hanson (2020, Feb. 19). Chemometrics & Spectroscopy Using R: ChemoSpec2D Update. Retrieved from

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