FOSS for Spectroscopy

A Collection of Free and Open Source Spectroscopy Resources

Bryan Hanson


January 1, 2020

For this inaugural blog post, I’m pleased to share a project I have been working on recently: FOSS4Spectroscopy is an attempt to catalog FOSS spectroscopy software. The page is designed to be updated easily with new or edited entries – see the page for details, and please contribute!

For this initial version, I searched the CRAN ecosystem via packagefinder and the Python world via using spectroscopy-related keywords. My expertise is in R so I’m pretty confident I have most of the R packages included. I’m not so confident about coverage of the Python packages (where else should I look?).

Currently, the “status” column in the main table is empty. I am working on a version which will update the status with a date giving some indication of the age and activity of the repository. Right now the page is updated when I push to Github, but in the long run I hope to get Travis-CI to run it as a weekly cron job.

I welcome your feedback in any form!



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