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GSOC 2021: hyperSpec and ChemoSpec!

I’m really happy to announce that this summer I’ll be a co-mentor on two Google Summer of Code spectroscopy projects:

  • Once again, I’ll co-mentor with Claudia and Vilmantas to continue the work Erick started last summer on hyperSpec (see here for Erick’s wrap up blog post at the end of last year). Sang Truong is the very talented student who will be joining us. Sang’s project is described here.
  • New this year: ChemoSpec will be upgraded to use ggplot2 graphics along with interactive graphics for many of the plots that are currently rendered in base graphics. Erick, who was the student working on hyperSpec last summer, will be my co-mentor on this project. We are looking forward to having Tejasvi Gupta as the student on this project.