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ChemoSpecUtils Update

ChemoSpecUtils, a package that supports the common needs of ChemoSpec and ChemoSpec2D, has been updated on CRAN and is coming to a mirror near you. Noteworthy changes:

  • There are new color options available in addition to the auto color scheme used during data importing. These should be useful to normal-vision individuals when there are a lot of categories. The auto option remains the default to avoid breaking anyone’s code. All the built-in color schemes are shown below. They can be used in any of the import functions in either package. The code used to make the figure below is in ?colorSymbol. Note: you probably should get the devel version to ChemoSpec in order to see the documentation about how to use the new colors.
  • The function removeFreq in ChemoSpec now accepts a formula for the specification of the frequencies to remove. This brings it in line with the corresponding function in ChemoSpec2D. This should be a lot easier to use.
  • The function sampleDist is now available and replaces sampleDistSpectra. Again the functions in the two overlying packages are essentially as similar as they can be.
  • This version is compatible with the upcoming release of R 4.0.