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FOSS for Spectroscopy Update

FOSS for Spectroscopy has had a significant update! It’s really quite surprising how many projects are out there. There is a lot of variety and not too much overlap.

  • After a lot of wrestling with Github access issues, the Status column in the table now gives the date of the most recent update to the project that I can find in an automated way.
  • The Notes column is now called Focus and reflects the focus of the projects as far as I can determine things. I’m using a more-or-less controlled vocabulary here, so sorting on the Focus column should bring related projects together.
  • The number of entries is greatly expanded (and I have more in the hopper).
  • The page is now automatically updated weekly, which will keep the links and dates fresh.

As always, I welcome your feedback in any form. You can use the comments below, or if you have additions/corrections to the page itself, there is info there about how to submit updates.